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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

watch it: the 10/17/09 weekly address from President Barack Obama

Oh, for the last bloody time: Fuck. The. Insurance. Companies. And. The. Blood. Soaked. Profits. They. Rode. In. On.


Why doesn’t Obama just say, “Look, I’ve bent over fucking backwards for these parasites, and still they won’t quit their bitching. Have they no mercy? Have they no shame? So I’m done. I tried to work with them — God knows why, but I did — but they think I’m some sort of sucker. Well, bitches, I ain’t. The war is on, and by this time next year, if I’ve got anything to do with it — and motherfuckers, I am the goddamn President of the United States, so you better believe I’ve got something to do with it — the CEOs of every goddamn health insurance company in this great nation of ours are gonna be the ones on the unemployment line, if they can manage to stand there for more than five minutes without being tarred and feathered by the decent hardworking people they screwed over. Fuck your golden parachutes: I’m gonna shame Congress into passing a law just for you sons-a-bitches, confiscating every last penny you stole from honest Americans and then haggled over in the emergency rooms and doctor’s offices of America. Yeah, you better fucking run, you scumbags. I’ve gotcher preexisting condition for ya: You are the slime that slime scrapes off its shoes in disgust, and if you think that you’re gonna get one tiny freakin’ iota of pity from anyone, think again. I hope the millions we won’t be able to tax back from you will keep you warm at night. Bitches.”

Seriously, why isn’t he saying that?

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