watch it: the 10/24/09 weekly address from President Barack Obama

Have you heard? The economy is stable again! Hoorah!

“Here in America, we rise and fall together”? Try telling that to everyone whose unemployment is running out just as taxpayer money is giving multimillion-dollar bonuses to the Wall Street assholes who crashed the economy.

I wish I lived on the planet Obama’s talking about. It must be nice.

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Sat, Oct 24, 2009 7:19pm

In fairness to Barry, he did make the “rise and fall” statement while he was pressuring the banks to open their purse strings. Whether or not that was pushing hard enough is another story.

I wonder if his handlers let him on the Internet to read for himself what people (liberal people) think of his billionaire coddling.

Sun, Oct 25, 2009 1:30am

How dull can this guy get. Dude, forcing the banks to make loans to entities that should not be getting loans is how we got to were we are today, how can you not get that?

It started with a seemingly good idea, everyone who wants a home should be able to get a home loan, whether or not they can meet the standards, but it turned out to be a horrible idea. And now lets repeat the same mistake with small buisness. What a clown.

It’s all about what feels good and sounds good with no logical rational thought behind it whatsoever.

You want help small buisness, stop taxing them to death, stop requiring reams of BS regulations on SB. Get the hell out of the way of small buisness.

BO talks a good show about what it is to be an American while moving the country in a decidedly un-American direction. He is either monumentally clueless or the biggest liar to ever hold the presidency