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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

caption this! image from ‘Doctor Who’: “The Waters of Mars”

Fun for Wednesdays! We look at an image from an upcoming movie — or now, TV! — and write snarky, witty, or otherwise entertaining captions for it. No prizes, it’s just for fun.

Doctor Who: “The Waters of Mars” is the third to last outing with David Tennant as the Doctor:

In Entertainment reveals a few details about the episode:

The Waters of Mars, which is the title for a Doctor Who special, is one of the scariest according to star David Tennant. The special which sees the Timelord arrive on Mars in 2059 and battle terrifying zombie like aliens.

Fans of the show will see the Doctor meet the first human colony of people living on Mars, facing a battle to save them from a parasitic virus that makes them spurt water. In time honored tradition the transformation scenes are sure to send children rushing to the back of the sofa, as I have done over the years, remember those Darlics.

The episode, will broadcast on BBC1 on November 15, Adelaide played by Lindsay Duncan is the commander of the colony. Tennant said: ‘It tells a different story. It is a long time into the episode before the Doctor takes control. We expect him to know what to do and take control earlier. It is a long time before he does it.’

Doctor Who: “The Waters of Mars” debuts on BBC One on Sunday, November 15, and on BBC America on Saturday, December 19.

Visit the episode’s IMDB page or official site for more info.

Caption away…

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  • “Please, don’t do it. ‘Rex is Not Your Lawyer’ is such a terrible concept!”

  • amanohyo

    “Pardon me Doctor? Did you just say that the power for this device is supplied by your penis?”

    “Well, indirectly…I use it to sort of punch a hole in the universe and then dark energy just kind of…look, the anatomy of a Time Lord is a complex matter Adelaide.”

    “Sounds like a lot of empty willy-waving to me.”

  • The Doctors attempts to improve the Segway had not gone quite as planned.

  • o/~ …the monkey on the back of the monkey on the back of the ‘bot down in the valley-o. Hey hey the gatlin ‘bot the ‘bot down in the valley-o… o/~

  • RogerBW

    “Hold on a second, did I hear someone sing ‘This was a triumph’?”

  • JB

    “You do realize that you don’t really need to make engine noises, right?”

    “Yes, but this is more entertaining. Vrooom vroom.”

  • Jester

    o/~ Can you feel me tremble when we touch… can you feel the hand of fate… reaching out to both of us… I can’t hold back! I’m on the edge… (I can’t hold back) ~/o

    Yeah, OK. Maybe a bit too obscure. ;-)


  • Infurnus

    Come on Johnny 5! We’ve got to make it to the mascarade ball on time!

  • Lisa

    Evvvvvvvvva!!! Rose! Daviiid!

  • Martin

    Just had to post this somewhere on this site, just seen this episode and it’s brilliant.

    Tennant and RTD on top form.

  • Magebear

    “You’re riding blind on a rocket Gadget?’

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