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question of the day: Who will be back next season on ‘Mad Men’? Who should be back?

Inspired by a post at Defamer:

Who will be back next season on Mad Men? Who should be back?

A somewhat spoiler-iffic wrapup on Sunday night’s season finale from Defamer:

The Mad Men season finale left a real easy way to get rid of a whole bunch of cast members. So, who is going to leave this critically-acclaimed show for fame and fortune and who is here to stay?

While Mad Men is a critical darling and its ratings are growing, it has never been a ratings bonanza for AMC and the pay is notoriously low. And after three seasons of being on “TV’s best show,” the siren song of more lucrative TV and movie roles may be irresistible. Plus, the way that series creator Matthew Weiner left things — Sterling Cooper as we knew it is dissolved, newly formed Sterling Cooper Draper Price may make it out of the Pierre Hotel, and Don’s marriage is effectively over — almost any any character could be easily written out. So it would not be surprising if some of the regular characters disappear entirely from the show by next summer with nothing but a line of dialogue — “Oh, Peggy couldn’t stand working next to Pete and Duck hired her after three weeks” — and a guest appearance or two.

Defamer goes on to lay odds on who’ll be back and who won’t, but what do you think? Who would you like to see stay… or leave?

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