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question of the day: Why aren’t there more movies about Thanksgiving?

Sure, there are a big handful of films that take place in part around Thanksgiving, but I can think of only three (and one of them is a stretch) that are really about the holiday: Home for the Holidays and Pieces of April, both of which revolve around the family dinner, and Planes, Trains and Automobiles, which is really about the craziness in getting home for the dinner… but since Thanksgiving traveling is especially notoriously hellish, I’ll count that one.

But that’s it.
It’s an exclusively North American holiday — and it doesn’t even occur in the same month both Canada and the U.S. — so maybe that explains why there are so few movies about Thanksgiving: limited interest from overseas audiences. But that only applies to the big Hollywood productions. You’d think it’d be the perfect setting for a low-budget indie — indeed, that applies to April, at least — so why don’t we see more exploration of the family dynamic centered around this holiday, which is ideal for telling that kind of story?

I find it very odd.

What do you think? Why aren’t there more movies about Thanksgiving?

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