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the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘ThanksKilling’

Finally! Somone made the Thanksgiving horror film we’ve all been waiting for…

An evil turkey is unleashed…and he’s one “fowl” mouthed bastard! Five college kids heading home for Thanksgiving break cross paths with the turkey, who’s possessed by an ancient Indian curse. In this hilariously gory spoof, the teens must stop the maniac bird before he kills them all!

That’s from the official Web site. At the flick’s Amazon page, one of the producers writes:

The movie is called ThanksKilling, so if you are expecting “The Notebook” or Schindler’s List this movie is obviously not for you. However, if “Gingerdead Man” or “Jack Frost” sounds more like it, than I think you will thoroughly enjoy TK. This is for anybody who enjoys schlocky, campy and gory horror movies. This is the epitome of campy and yes we brag about that, because that is exactly why it was made.

Piece of advice – watch this under the influence. It will make it that much better, I promise. And maybe refrain from watching it at Thanksgiving with your whole family – although that could be pretty funny too.

I think I have to see this…

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  • Markyd

    I KNOW I have to see this. The wife and I pride ourselves on the amount of shlocky horror movies we’ve seen. I NEED to add this to the list.

  • hee! I’m reminded of the “Thanksgiving!” Halloween parody trailer in between Death Proof and Planet Terror. I’m also amused the apparently ThanksKilling is already sold out at Amazon. *snicker*

  • Oliver

    This town is not big enough for both of us.

  • Mathias

    “Gobble Gobble Motherfucker.”

    I think that’s the tagline of the year.

  • Damn! I wonder if I can get this on Netflix. ;-)

  • Hdj

    Not long back we were saying ” why isn’t there more Thanksgiving horror movies?” , well heres one, should be good, or bad ether way I wanna see it

  • LOL… you will LOVE this movie.

    I made it 2 years ago and never thought it would get this far.. HILARIOUS..

    psssst.. I play the sheriff
    here’s some insight…. the mustache is fake lol

    Thanks for making it DVD of the week and I think you’ll enjoy it.

    chuck lamb
    (Dead Body Guy)

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