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watch it: “7 Lessons Guys Can Learn From Edward Cullen (Part 1 of 2)”

This is not embeddable, but I couldn’t not feature it, so please go check it out at YouTube, and then come back.

Okay, you watched it? Did you watch Part 2? You’re back?


Now, I was so excited to come across these videos, because I was all ready to rip them to shreds. And I was astonished to find that I couldn’t do that.
Because guess what? Everything YouTuber aileensantos says — in Part 2 as well — is absolutely spot on.

I wish Twilight actually reflected what she’s talking about, instead of making Edward look like such a humongous drip that any real woman would run away screaming.

I’m off right now to see New Moon — we’ll see whether this sequel does the job any better of presenting an Edward that looks like the way aileensantos presents him.

Maybe I need to read these damn books…

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