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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “Doctor Who: Dreamland First Clip!”

I hadn’t heard about this CGI-animated version of Doctor Who till I ran across a posting last week on TV Squad… and frankly, what I see here I like even less than the traditionally animated “The Infinite Quest.” Yea to a Doctor Who story set in the United States — at Area 51, no less. Boo to the jerky animation and crappy dialogue.

You can read about the production at the blog at the BBC’s official Doctor Who site.

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  • Ryan H

    That… that is some of the worst character animation I have ever seen. Someone at the BBC should be in a back room right now committing ritual suicide.

  • I know the Final Fantasy animators don’t work cheap, but dammit couldn’t they have been called in at least once to work on this?

    If we package this with the Star Wars Holiday Special, we could give it to Dick Cheney as a Christmas present and have his head implode from all the suck… but then, that’s torture, and torture IS BAD. Sigh.

  • Barb

    Why couldn’t they use regular animation for this. Really not a fan of this type of graphics at all.

  • Lythea

    I could enjoy it more if I was just listening, I think. Those visuals are painful.

  • Left_Wing_Fox

    What the fuck.. I mean. WHAT THE FUCK!?! My professional pride is hurting here. I’ve seen better character animation and smoother models out of 5-year old video games. I mean, why not just make this with World of Warcraft Machinima, eh?

    I was waiting for the other shoe to drop throughout the entire clip. It had to be a game right? Some video gamer’s fever dream caused by real aliens forced to invade his brain with a cobbled-together Playstation 2 scrounged from the trash, and the Doctor just happened to get sucked into the wierdness?

    Hang on, I feel a fan-fic coming on.

  • So now they’re borrowing the titles of X-Files episodes as well. (One episode last season duplicated the look and atmosphere of a typical X-Files pre-credit sequence so well it was almost eerie.)

    I take it this episode is not about the Doctor and the Master accidentally exchanging bodies…

  • Lisa

    ^ ha! good one!

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