‘Doctor Who’: “The End of Time: Part One” — OMG

Well, you can’t ever really have too much John Simm, can you?

That ending? Yes, my head exploded, but not quite in a good way. I was afraid something like this was in the offing, and I don’t think it’s a direction the show should be going in. (In the same way that I wish the show would move on from the Daleks and invent some new villains, I wish it would cope with the universe it invented for itself and extrapolate from there. Move forward, that is, instead of moving back.) In the words of Mrs. Fox, if what I think is going on here is going on here, it better not be.

On the other hand, I have some ideas about how what it looks like is going on here may not be. I’ll discuss those in depth when I get to my full-blown Doctor Who blogging on this episode, which I hope will be tomorrow. (I’ve got some more holiday merrymaking to engage in today, so the Doctor will have to wait.)

Assume spoilers in the comments, and avoid if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

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