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question of the day: What movies would you recommend to the visually impaired?

Today’s question comes from reader Bill, who wants to know: What movies would you recommend to the visually impaired?

I suppose answers to that query could include movies that are dialogue heavy and so rely on less on following visual action, as well as DVDs that include good audio descriptions of the action.

I have no trouble with my vision, and neither does anyone I know, so things like DVD audio descriptions are not on my radar, and I can’t remember ever noticing whether a DVD includes such a feature. One notable exception is on some of newer British editions of the old Doctor Who stories, which include not only audio descriptions but audio navigation as well — it’s impossible to avoid discovering these bonuses, because the first thing you hear when the DVDs start playing is an audio reminder to hit a certain button on your remote to begin audio navigation. That’s a pretty cool feature that I suspect lots more people would appreciate and could take advantage of.

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