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the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘The Frog Prince’

There doesn’t seem to be any official description of this DVD at all, but that’s okay: As long as you confuse it with the upcoming Disney animated feaure The Princess and the Frog, it’s all good. For maximum impact, ideally your princess-addled spawn will see the DVD cover in Wal-Mart and start screaming her head off right in the middle of the store, and you’ll be forced to purchase the $15 DVD — all 40 minutes of it — just to shut her up.

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  • Left_Wing_Fox

    There is at least one company that makes a business model out of this: grab the same basic premise, get as close as you can to the style without being sued, bang out a script as quick as possible, then animate it overseas as cheaply as possible, quality be damned (Usually the Russians).

    Release on video at bargain prices before movie hits theater.

    Sad to say, this has been a SUCCESSFUL business model at least since Pocahontas, since that’s how long they’ve been doing it for.

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