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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: Prescott Financial’s gold ad

This the Colbert Show clip I mentioned earlier today, in which I discovered the word afterscape. The relevant bit starts at 4:10, though it’s all hilarious, of course:

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Prescott Financial Sells Gold, Women & Sheep
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  • Keith

    If the world truly becomes an “afterscape,” I don’t think gold will quite have the value a lot of people think it will. It’s heavy and little practical value. If you have some, good luck holding onto it (or anything else of value). In such a situation “lead” will always trump gold.

    In the past it was good to have some to bribe your way out of the country if everything started to go to shit. The world was a much bigger place back then. If the US falls into anarchy now, there won’t be anywhere else that will fare better (and most places will be far worse off). Anywhere that might be a suitable haven will probably have a significant number of other people trying to get to and/or stay there. There are an awful lot of people on this rock.

  • Shaun

    My afterscape currency of choice: a dog!

    Assuming you train one as well as in ‘I am legend’. The only food my current portfolio can track is cat poop.

  • Kenny

    Hmmmm… well, because it apparently matters what geographical nation you live in when it comes to matters cyberspace, I am informed that the video is not available in my country.

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