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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

watch it: the 12/12/09 weekly address from President Barack Obama

Obama’s got nerve telling us that “common sense doesn’t always prevail in Washington.” He’s the one who has loaded up his advisory teams and key positions with people from Wall Street, who have continued the business-as-usual crap that got us into this mess in the first place. He’s the one who refused to push for universal single-payer health care when the evidence of every other industrialized nation on the planet shows that it saves money — the fact that it also produces better outcomes for everyone is just a bonus (except for the heartless politicians of every ideological stripe who really don’t appear to want to give American citizens the better health that universal single-payer produces; I guess keeping people sick and worried and in debt is more important than saving money).

Bastards. Every single one of them. Fuck them all, and fuck all the corporate lobbyists they’re in the thrall of.

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