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question of the day: How will the Flixster acquisition of Rotten Tomatoes change movie buzz online?

Relatively big news yesterday from the realm of entertainment journalism and social networking: Flixster acquired Rotten Tomatoes. The two sites will continue to operate separately, but clearly some integration is in the offing. Says Flixster co-founder and CEO Joe Greenstein, quoted at a post at WebNewser:

To use movie terminology, we think this is a blockbuster double-bill. It’s a huge step forward in our goal of connecting users to their own personalized world of movies on any platform they choose. We can’t think of a better pairing for movie fans and our technology partners.

Big plans appear to be looming. At TheWrap, Greenstein said:

IMDB has the richest database out of anyone. But we feel we have the pieces in place to go after them, sure. I think with the combined resources, we become the leader with respect to reviews and ratings, and combining the Flixster community and community-generated content with Rotten Tomatoes, we can build a complete site.

What do you think? How will the Flixster acquisition of Rotten Tomatoes change movie buzz online?

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  • So, the media consolidation madness has finally reached down to this level. I can’t see how this will have any sort of positive impact, unifmornity is almost always a bad thing. It may not have much visible difference to users of either or both sites, but it sure will make it easier for the studios to grease fewer plams in order to get positive “buzz” about their product out there.

  • Trent

    Flixster invites its users to give their own feedback on the movies they see. Rotten Tomatoes aggregates critic reviews. How, exactly, Trash Film Guru, does this lead to studios greasing palms? Or positive buzz for a film? Guess you didn’t see what happened this summer with “Land of the Lost,” “All About Steve” and “Bruno,” and this winter with “The Lovely Bones” and “Nine”?

    Actually, uniformity isn’t always a bad thing … but some people will always take that view right from the start.

  • Hdj

    isn’t flixster just a site to take fan made movie quizzes?

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