question of the day: Who’s your favorite Sherlock Holmes?

I’m off to see Sherlock Holmes again today with my geek gang, so this seems like a good day to ask this question, which comes from reader DangerMom: Who’s your favorite Sherlock Holmes? TV or film, whichever.

The IMDB has a loooong list of all the many actors who’ve played the world’s first consulting detective onscreen, and this is just a taste of the highlights among the names:
Robert Downey Jr.
Jonathan Pryce
Rupert Everett
Matt Frewer
Patrick Macnee
Jeremy Brett
Christopher Lee
Charlton Heston
Michael Caine
Peter Cushing
Ian Richardson
Tom Baker
Frank Langella
Christopher Plummer
Nicol Williamson
Roger Moore
John Cleese
Basil Rathbone
John Barrymore

The list goes back to 1905, when someone named Maurice Costello starred in a silent called Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

My favorite Holmes is still Jeremy Brett, in the Granada TV series of the 1980s and 90s, though we’ll see if that changes after another viewing of Robert Downey Jr.

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