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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “Bear vs Cat”

Don’t worry — the cat wins.

(via Jezebel)

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  • JSW

    Looks like the bear won. It managed to get away with the bag, despite the cat’s efforts, while the cat just stood there with metaphorical egg on its face.

  • JasonT

    Well, the cat didnt care about the trash, just getting the bear to leave. I wonder about the woman laughing though. If any of my pets were confronting a bear I would have been running out of the house like a madman.

  • “Don’t worry — the cat wins.”

    HellO! Spoiler tag! LOL

  • CB

    I think they both think they won in their own minds. But clearly the cat won in the intimidation challenge. ;)

    I’m not really concerned about the woman laughing… it was the kid. I mean, that *easily* could have turned very nasty for the family pet and “ha ha fluffy is fighting the bear! go fluffy! you’re so brave!” could have turned into months or years of nightmares. :P

  • MaryAnn

    Cat leaves encounter with bear alive and uninjured? Win to cat, I’d say…

  • JoshB
  • Ralph

    She does not get eaten by the bear at this time. I’m explaining to you, because you look nervous.

  • Barb

    cute but the woman (women) giggling throughout this was puzzling.

  • The =3 version on youtube is better. Cruel and vulgar, but better. :)

    The cat wins. The bear does leave with the trash, but in a hurry.

    The woman laughs, I believe, when she realizes her kitteh is capable of surviving the standoff.

    Note to that lady, though: keep the trash a good distance from the house from now on, and see about getting bear repellent to keep it from getting too close to your home. The less fearful the animal gets the more likely it’s going to come in through the kitchen door… and then your beer will be all gone (esp. if it’s Rainier beer!)

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