because every girl’s mother is her frenemy

A new reality competition show has just debuted in the U.K. It’s called Hotter Than My Daughter. Really:

It used to be sisters who would argue about who looked the most fashionable and alluring to boys. But these embarrassed daughters are at loggerheads with their MOTHERS over their revealing fashion and outrageous behaviour. A new BBC Three show Hotter Than My Daughter, starting on Thursday at 8.30pm, airs the debate. The public are asked whether mother or daughter is in need of an image change and whose fashion sense is best.

(You must see the images that accompany the Sun article quoted above. Must.)

As Sadie at Jezebel so beautifully translates:

[E]motionally mature women who enjoy dressing like their pubescent children compete in a beauty and style for the BBC-viewing public’s approval. And lest emotional damage, skewed priorities and circumstances that should arguably attract the attention of protective services were not enough entertainment to shoehorn into one hour, the “loser” has to get a makeover which, presumably, amps up the sex appeal.

And Sadie also has this pleasant thought:

And keeping in mind that the Brits are behind everything from Big Brother to Idol, we can only hope for an American version – further employment, if nothing else, for the cast of Jersey Shore.

Granted, it’s been a good few months since I’ve had to wonder if we’d reach the absolutely bottom of the reality show barrel, so perhaps things are improving. Kinda like how the rate the American economy is bleeding jobs has slowed, and so that’s apparently a good thing, we should also find some small comfort in the fact that I haven’t had to WTF over a new reality show since August of last year, after a steady pace of every couple of months.

Oh, no, wait: Balloon Boy was reality show-related, and we aren’t being allowed to forget about that.

This has been your WTF Thought for the Day.

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