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question of the weekend: Are you watching the Olympics?

Are you watching the Olympics?

I’m not.

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  • JT


  • Gail

    Yes. Way too much. Even curling.

  • Hell yes, especially curling. I love the Olympics, I watch them like crazy when they’re on, and I will be very sad when they’re over.

  • Part of me thinks they’re overselling the curling. The only time curling made sense to me was in the movie Help! ;)

    But yeah I’m watching the Olympics. Partly because I’m unemployed and got nothing else to do. :(

  • No, not really. Watched most of the opening ceremony but hardly anything else, just a few minutes while channel-surfing. We seem to be in a tiny minority.

  • Isobel

    I would usually watch the ice skating and some of the skiing, but for some reason I’m not interested this year and haven’t watched any at all. The Six Nations rugby is going on at the same time and I’d rather watch that.

  • Rob

    I usually love the figure skating and in the past have always watched obsessively, but I’m just not feeling it this time around. It’s probably because for the last bunch of Olympics, I was very up on all the players and had people I was rooting for, like Michelle Kwan (when she fell, it broke my heart), whereas this time around, I don’t know any of the players and haven’t watched the pre-Olympics competitions so don’t have much of a vested interest in anyone.

  • Neil

    Nope. I live in British Columbia (not Vancouver though), but I have absolutely no interest in watching. I had had my fill of the Olympics before it even started.

  • David

    Nope. Not one minute.

  • JoshB

    Figure skating is cool, but the rest of the winter events kind of bore me.

  • Jackie

    Difficult to watch Olympics live when they’re totally in the wrong time zone and there’s work in the mornings. Mind you the coverage from Canada seems a lot better than the car-crash coverage of the Atlanta Games.

  • Rosalyn

    Yes, I’m watching quite bit. I always think I’m not going to, but then always get sucked in. And I have to admit I get totally involved when we’re (Canada) in medal contention.

    I’m also much more of a winter Olympics fan. Having said that, I’d lost my job and had major oral surgery right at the start of the last summer Olympics and they were a wonderful distraction.

    I never cry during sappy movies but I’ve been known to bawl like a baby during the Olympics.

  • Orangutan

    I’m all over them for the most part. Even cross-country has kept my attention somehow. I’ve always loved the Winter Olympics, though. I’m even planning on making the trip to Sochi, Russia for 2014 Olympics!

  • I_Sell_Books

    I am, but only on the internet via the BBC…

  • MarinaB

    I watch as much as I can, which isn’t very much this time around, unfortunately. The only event I care enough about to find on the internet, as opposed to just watching it when it’s on, is figure skating.

  • You bet! Skiing and shooting! So Bond! Curling! So geological! Guys in skin-tight outfits! Woooo!
    I am not a sports fan, nor am I a reality show fan, but the Olympics are the best of both.

  • Mo

    I’m turning into a potato. >.

  • Mo

    And just for the record, curling is awesome.

  • Anne-Kari

    Not watching any of it. Then again I never watch any kind of sporting event, ever. So not my thing.

    My husband is watching ALL of it, with the kids, and they seem to be having a ball. That’s fine – I get to have some down time by myself, catching up on Doctor Who dvds and some books I’ve not had time for lately.

    So although I’m utterly uninterested in the Olympics, I’m grateful for them :)

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    I watched the opening ceremonies at the request of my 10 year old daughter. Nothing since. There was a time I watched obsessively. I think that came of being a 10 year old Los Angeleno in 1984.

  • RyanT

    In the past I would watch the opening/closing ceremonies and then figure skating. Since Michelle Kwan retired, there’s no point in watching figure skating in my opinion.

    Having said that, I HAVE been watching tons of Olympic sports OTHER THAN figure skating this year. Weird.

  • RyanMcN

    Heh, I can’t help but watch… I live in downtown vancouver, so there’s no way of escaping it, but I’m loving it!

  • markyd

    Yes. It’s amazing how someone like myself, who NEVER watches any kind of sports, will happily watch all sorts of olympic events. Apparently, I’m not alone.
    I attribute it partially to the fact that these athletes are doing it for the sport, and the alleged “love of the game”, as opposed to ego and a paycheck.
    Or at least I’d like to think that’s the case.
    Regardless, I enjoy them quite a bit.

  • Orangutan

    Even the ones that DO have major sponsorships, their own clothing lines, etc (i.e. Shaun White) seem like pretty cool people. Using White as an example, I’ve seen a couple interviews with him, and he seems like he’s just having an absolute blast doing something he loves. Same with Lindsey Vonn and Apolo Ohno.

  • Left_Wing_Fox

    No, ’cause I don’t have a TV. Did get to see Canada take the gold in Skeleton and and a fine 10th end in Women’s curling the other day at a friend’s place. Gaied a new appreciation for curlig watching that with soeone who can get you through the jargon and basic strategy.

  • Patrick

    Much of it, yes, and I do not watch any other sporting events at all. I could not despise sports such as football or basketball or baseball and the groupthink they are part of any more than I do…

  • Definitely not as much as I have in past years. The prime time coverage is driving me insane–it’s 5 minutes of programming, followed by 5-6 commercials, then 3 minutes of Bob Costas babbling, then, repeat. And things I normally would watch, like figure skating have been shoved to the side for other things. All the skating I get to see now is the American partcipants, plus the top three or four at the very end. Frustrating. And they never show any medal ceremonies except the American ones anymore, and not even all of those. If you’re not watching, you’re not missing much at all, unfortunately.

  • Althea

    Total Olympics junkie. Watch practically everything every time. Disappear from the world. Figure skating primary but have learned to adore skiing. Other stuff cool too. Only things that have several rounds to get to the medal rounds, like hockey, basketball, etc, do I not get into so much.

  • Christine

    The only coverage I catch is on the Weather Channel in the morning and only be default. I just can’t get into it.

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