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question of the weekend: What — if anything — do you do to prepare for a big storm?

I’m always baffled by the images on the TV news of empty supermarket shelves in advance of a big storm such as a hurricane or the huge snowstorm that’s currently hammering the mid Atlantic region. (Looks like we’re going to escape it entirely in the Bronx.) Even if you’re stuck indoors for an entire weekend, how much bread and milk do you need to tough it out? Surely, at this point, everyone knows that the streets will get plowed and life will get back to normal almost immediately, and the bread trucks and the milk trucks will be moving again.

Me, as long as I’ve got some DVDs — which are always piled up around me regardless of the weather — and some wine, I’m all set for a snowy weekend. My Chinese place has even delivered in two feet of snow in the past, so I’m set for food.

What — if anything — do you do to prepare for a big storm?

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