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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘Midgets vs. Mascots’

From the official site:

In this Borat-meets-Jackass shockumentary, five little people and five mascots battle for one million dollars through 30 ridiculous competitions, including how many insults it takes to get punched in a bar, who can drink a gallon of milk the fastest and who can wrestle a live alligator. Gary Coleman, leading the “Littles” as himself, is a comedic freight train (or train wreck) as he gets into actual fist fights with mascots, coaches and even NBA star Scottie Pippen. Look forward to tear-inducing laughter when drunken and belligerent mascots take on a competitive and determined group of little people.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that some people probably do find these things hilarious: drunken belligerence; deviance from physical norms; and desperate people debasing themselves for money. But it still makes me sad that we’re out-and-out celebrating this fact now.

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  • J. Wyse

    I bought this DVD a few weeks ago because a buddy recommended it after seeing it at the Dallas premiere. I have to say, I think it is hilarious.

    The parts that most people would call “going to far” are what make this movie funny.

    Not to mention, this is Gary Coleman’s best role ever… and he plays his angry self.

  • James Yoo

    It’s time to embrace the fact that crazy drunkenness movies are here to stay…

    Borat, Jackass, Beerfest, Bearleague, Balls of Fury, Bruno, Harold and Kumar…

    It’s not like this is a foreign concept… and let’s be honest with ourselves: would you rather watch Sasha Barin Cohen act like an idiot or watch Gary Coleman beat the crap out of Scottie Pippen in a Gator costume?

    I choose Gary Coleman.

  • Paul Ziggler

    I would beat Scottie Pippen up too… so I can only imagine what Gary Coleman was thinking.

    It is a rarity for me to laugh out loud at a movie anymore but this one had me rolling…

    And the huge Spartan dude… I want to know if that is his real life personality or acting because it’s awesome!

  • amanohyo

    Paul, James, J., please tell me that all three of you are the same person and that you are on the payroll of the marketing department; otherwise I’ll be forced to believe that there are three separate people who enjoyed this “shockumentary” enough to defend it and my head will asplode.

    And James, saying, “this movie is so fun to watch when you’re drunk/high/young/stupid/all of the above” means very little. It’s as if a critic were to write, “I have no standards and my brain is impaired to the point where I’m entertained by virtually anything, and I absolutely loved this movie.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

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