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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

watch it: the 2/20/10 weekly address from President Barack Obama

So, Obama runs down the outrages of the health insurance companies, yet doesn’t mention the obvious solution: Shut. Them. Down. We don’t need the health insurance companies. The purpose of health insurance companies is to turn a profit, not to provide health care — in fact providing health care is antithetical to the purpose of a health insurance company.

“We know the American people want us to reform the health insurance system.” No, we don’t: We want you to eliminate it.

I’m so fucking tired of this shit. Why isn’t one single American politician saying the plain, bald truth: Americans pay far more than other industrialized nations for health care and get far poorer results. Eliminate for-profit health insurance, institute universal single-payer health care, and we’d all pay much, much less than we’re paying now and get much, much better results.

I’m gonna quote Avedon Carol — an American living in London who understands how both the American and British health-care systems work — who yesterday posted this:

The [Democrats] could smash the conservatives to smithereens if they’d just gone with a fully government-staffed, government-funded single-payer plan – not just because it’s the only good way to do it, but because it’s the best rhetorical object – defending single-payer answers every “criticism” the conservatives have about health care simply and without a lot of gobbledygook. Want to save money? Single-payer saves hundreds of billions of dollars over what we have now and any other plan. You cover everyone, you save a third of current costs in administration alone, you don’t have to take money out of your pocket and out of the tax base just to enrich already bloated CEOs, you remove reams of red tape – and no one sends you a bill afterwards because it’s already paid for. Fight for a good bill, and then make the Republicans defend higher taxes, higher expenses, and higher death tolls. The Democrats need to admit a simple fact about conservative policies generally: They cost you more in taxes, and they take your lives.

It really is that simple.

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