watch it: the 2/27/10 weekly address from President Barack Obama

Obviously, the Olympics with its international competition and accompanying bragging rights is a kind of ritualized war. Here’s an idea: Could we perhaps actually replace war with the Olympics alone? I mean, if two countries have a beef over, say, natural resources or territorial rights, does it really make any less sense to leave the decision up to the sporting abilities of two teams on a hockey rink than it does to leave the decision up to sporting abilities of two teams on a battlefield? At least with athletics, no one gets killed… at least not deliberately, as the entire point of the endeavor.

All that said, does it really make any sense for Obama to be calling for bipartisanship in the same breath he’s praising the Olympics and the American athletes who participated? If the Olympics were about bipartisanship, no one would ever take home any medals, and there wouldn’t even be any competition because no one would be able to settle on how long the bobsled tracks should be, or from what height ski jump athletes should start. Some things simpy cannot be compromised upon, and compromise for its own sake — and for no other reason — is ludicrous. There certainly has been no reason at all for Obama and the Democrats to compromise on anything, but they dithered and hemmed and hawed for so long that they’ve lost the awesome majority the voters gave them. And now they’re acting like the still quite impressive majority they have is a position of weakness.

I can’t stand these people. I don’t know how they live with themselves. Of course, none of our politicians have to worry about health care for themselves or their families, so it’s all just a game to them.

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