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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “The Super Bowl Shuffle: The Bears”

A second bonus Super Bowl Sunday Web Video of the Day, because the mind, she boggles:

I had forgotten all about this, but Atrios reminded me, the bastard.

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  • OMG! *seven minutes* of this!? i can’t do it.

  • Kathy A

    Sad thing is that I can remember most of the lyrics without watching the video again. The perils of being a lifelong Bears fan who just ate up that particular Bears team and all of their characters.

  • Kenny

    I think I just became a Bears fan.

  • markyd

    Man, I remember this. Way back when I actually kinda cared about sports and stuff. These guys we’re the total shiznot, but MAN is this corny.

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