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ABC is off the air via Cablevision

As I explained here and here, Cablevision — the only cable provider in the Bronx, where I live, and the company I pay a ridiculous amount of money to each month for TV and Internet access — and ABC have been engaging in juvenile dick measuring, and now whatever talks they’ve been having have broken down, and I can’t see ABC anymore. Which means I cannot watch the Oscars tonight, unless I can manage to scrounge up an HD antenna somewhere once the shops open in the morning.

I’ve now been on hold with Cablevision for almost half an hour. I want to ask them what sort of credit I can expect on my bill next month. And I want to let them know that I will be sending them the bill for that HD antenna. Because I pay for Cablevision to deliver all the broadcast networks to me, and the company is no longer providing the service I have contracted for.

I do not expect to get anything without some threats to take my business elsewhere.

Goddammit, I am frakkin’ pissed. Like I need more bullshit in my life…

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