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‘Lost’ blogging: “Ab Aeterno”

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There’s no way to “review” or “analyze” or even “discuss” this show on an episode-by-episode basis — it’s more like you just have to react and try to guess what the hell is going on. So I’m not even gonna try to impose any sense or reason upon it: I’m just going to react. Maybe when it’s all said and done there will be something cohesive to say. Till then…

Perhaps needless to say, Lost doesn’t make much sense while you’re watching it. My ramblings will surely make even less sense if you haven’t seen the episode… and something may get spoiled for you that you don’t want spoiled. You have been warned.

So, here are the thoughts I jotted down, pretty much in order as they occurred to me as I watched:
Richard says they’re in hell, which is what a lot of us had guessed from the beginning…

Okay, so Richard had a dying wife in 1867 and accidentally killed a man and then a priest treated him badly and then Hanso bought him and then he got shipwrecked on the island on the vessel that Arzt would later find the dynamite on and then he survived an attack by the smoke monster and then he saw his dead wife (who saw the devil) and then she gets killed by the smoke monster (or maybe by Jacob) and the smoke monster tells him he has to kill the devil/Jacob and then Jacob tries to drown Richard to prove to him he’s still alive and then Jacob tells him that the darkness is corked up in the wine and then he offers Richard a job and then Richard says he wants to live forever and then Jacob says, “No problem, dude” and then Richard buried his wife’s crucifix and then the smoke monster guy told Richard to let him know if he ever changed his mind and then Hurley shows up and then Hurley sees dead people and then Hurley says Richard has to stop the man in black and then Johnny Cash showed up on the island…

And we still know fuck all about Jacob or how he’s able to do what he does or why he does what he does or what makes the island so special or why the statue had only four toes or where the wormholes come from.

Oh, and the bottle of wine is busted. And we’ll never know what the hell that’s all about, either.

(Watch full episodes at ABC’s official site for the show.)

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MPAA: rated TV14-V

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