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question of the day: What should Syfy do with its new ‘Battlestar Galactica’ spinoff?

Sweet Aphrodite, there’s more science fiction from the colonials heading our way from Syfy:

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Mark Stern, Syfy’s vice-president of development, is eager to build upon Battlestar’s enduring popularity. Although talks are only in the initial stages, Stern is confident he and Battlestar executive producer Ron Moore can come up with an idea that would return to the show’s “space opera roots.”

“That world is so rich,” Stern told the Reporter. “We’re sitting down with Ron Moore and his team. It would not necessarily be a traditional series.”

It sounds like the possibilities are wide open. What should Syfy do with its new Battlestar Galactica spinoff? Are there stories left untold from BSG that need telling? Maybe a family saga of the first few generations to live on Earth 150,000 years ago? Or does Stern’s comment about something that’s not a tradition series mean we could see a nightly edition of The Baxter Sarno Show or a regular news report from Caprica City? Or maybe even a sitcom or drama “imported” from the colonies? That would be very interesting, and a fascinating and subtle way to explore how colonial culture is both similar to and different from our own.

Your turn…

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  • Magess

    I kind of really like the setting in New Cap City. There could be a lot of noir fun in there.

    They’ve also got other planets we haven’t even seen, so you could stay in Caprica’s general timeline but be elsewhere.

    There was all that time on the Pegasus, which you could probably do, but I don’t know how that wouldn’t just be rehashing BSG itself.

    Or maybe… like Top Gun, Viper-style in the years after the cylons leave?

    GDD Investigations!


  • marshall

    Perhaps a story told about the conflict on Cobal, and the journey to the 12 colonies?

  • Brian

    Didn’t they leave a story thread hanging involving that lost faction of old-school Centurions from Razor? I doubt that’s enough to build a series on, but I’ve always wondered about them.

  • Typhin

    I would love to see the evolution of the “good” Centurions that were freed from servitude after sheparding the colonists it all the way to Earth. You would have the whole cosmos to play in, a huge timeline, and as long as you did not go back to Earth or the 12 colonies you could not break canon. There would be a very rich environment to play in to examine what is intelligence, awareness, and the soul. You could also wander into AI/Robot evolution with as many ship/body types as you wanted to play with. Even better, it would be actual science fiction, in the true tradition. :-)

  • Michael

    They should make a new spinoff in the style of Stargate SG-1, just for the sake of symmetry.

  • Joe

    Wow, there’s so much you could do. Keep on expanding from Caprica, showing Bill’s and Saul’s time in the fleet durring the First Cylon War. Adama did what, 45+ years in the fleet? That’s alot of time to cover. It could even be done as a mini-series, in the style of Band of Brothers or something like that to give it that historical effect. How about the survivors we saw durring the BSG mini-series, maybe the chance that they wern’t the only ones to escape? Or survive planet-side for that matter. Anders kept a fairly large group of suvivors together, why not another group on one of the other 11 planets? Even the idea that cylons return to earth in our timeframe would be pretty cool. After all, we are all decendant from cylons right? That could be an interesting concept, the planet wide realization that we arnt’t alone, that we are all related, and that we’re from out ‘there’.
    Really, I just don’t want it to stop. It kinda broke my heart when I watched Galatica and the rest of the fleet fly into the sun, because there was so much left to tell, and what they told they did it so well.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    That would be very interesting, and a fascinating and subtle way to explore how colonial culture is both similar to and different from our own.

    I understand the Syphilis Channel’s reasoning here – milk that cash cow for all it’s worth, baby. But, why would we, as viewers want this? The colonials are a made up culture, who’s only really significant differences from us is the advanced tech and them ostensibly being polytheists. And any difference turned out to be bullshit anyway when it all turned into a poorly presented Adam-and-Eve plot. As soon as they reached “Earth” and “defeated” the cylons, the BSG story was over. Caprica may be an interesting and well produced show, but it’s BSG-prequel setting is just marketing. Aren’t we always decrying the dearth of originality in Hollywood?

  • Lisa

    I’d love to see the first Cylon War too

  • How about this, a secret group of colonists decided not to toss their ship into the sun, staying on their ship, and at the last minute jumped instead of sacrificing all that technological progress and went to look for another world to live on?

  • Boxey wakes up, and it was all a dream. And the adventures of Dirk Benedict and Richard Hatch continue… ;-)

  • @Bluejay hee!

    Of course, knowing the new Syfy, it will be a BSG-themed reality show…

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