the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘Forks: Bitten by Twilight’

It’s oh-no for its obvious cashing-in cheapness, of course, seeing as how this is a quickie, direct-to-DVD stroll around the Pacific Northwest town where the Twilight movies are set (though they’re not filmed there):

Step into Forks, where Twilight comes to life!

Walk in the shoes of Bella, Edward and Jacob in the actual town where author Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling series takes place. Stroll along the beach where Jacob revealed Edward’s true identity of Bella

See the school where Bella and Edward met, and make reservations at Bella Italia, the restaurant where they had their first date

Visit Forks High School, Forks Police Department and Forks Hospital

Find out how to make a Bella burger, Jacob werewolf burger, and Twilight punch

Explore Dazzled by Twilight, a store unlike any other

Take a tour on the exclusive Twilight Tour Bus

Interviews with the Chief of Police, owner of the Cullen Mansion, and many more.

But there’s an extra layer of head-smacking money-grubbing goodness here. Notice the garish blurb on the cover art: “the controversial documentary about Forks, Washington.” The only thing “controversial” about this DVD — unless it actually takes a side in the Team Edward/Team Jacob dispute, which seems unlikely — is that Summit Entertainment sued the makers over the original cover art, which came too close to aping its trademarked Twilight logo.

In fact, it probably looked too much like this:

Apparently the Summit suit (TMZ has what few details are available) has entirely scared off Forks: Bitten by Twilight, because if you search Amazon.com on that title, the only thing that pops up is Summit’s official money-grubbing cashing-in documentary about Forks, Twilight in Forks: Saga of the Real Town. Forks: Bitten by Twilight is available only on Amazon.ca, the Canadian site.

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