the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘Hello Kitty’s Paradise Minding Manners & 5 Other Stories’

It’s an instructional guide on how to be a proper lady!

Minding Manners Kitty learns the right way to use her fork and how to be polite at the dinner table. Streetwise Mama takes Kitty and Mimi downtown. On the way, she teaches the girls important lessons on staying alert and safe. The Magic Bags Kitty and Mimi go to Magic Land and find some magical bags which have the power to create happiness. The Dust Monster Mama encourages Kitty and Mimi to do their spring cleaning by giving them a book on the dust monster. Put On A Happy Place Kitty and Mimi become interior decorators for a day and help a baker turn his dismal bakery into a happy place. The Train To Grandmas House At the train station, Kitty and Mimi learn lessons about safety and how to behave in public.

Because every young girl needs to understand the importance of housework and of making people happy.

I look forward to the cute educational DVD for little boys that teaches them important lessons on how not to be a rapist or a thief who makes women feel threatened when they’re downtown.

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Wed, Mar 17, 2010 3:35pm

I think I know one cranky reviewer gal who could have used a video such as this back in the day.

Wed, Mar 17, 2010 4:07pm

Now I know why I still haven’t gotten my son to use his knife at the table properly (even though he cuts food as my sous chef just fine with a sharp knife)! I needed to get him a video!

I guess demonstration and Dover’s reproduction edition of The Goops just wasn’t enough.

Wed, Mar 17, 2010 4:44pm

If you gave me that capsule description and told me it were a story written by Grant Morrison, I would totally buy it.