the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘Housebroken’

Danny DeVito looks grumpy because he has been reduced to appearing in direct-to-DVD crap. No, wait, it’s an irresistible combination of out-of-control antics and raunchy humor!

With its irresistible combination of out-of-control antics and raunchy humor, HOUSEBROKEN rocks the house with nonstop laughter!

Dad (Danny DeVito, TV’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) has finally retired and wants to enjoy his golden years relaxing at home with his lovely wife. But his two twentysomething slacker sons have no plans to leave the nest anytime soon! So there’s only one solution – Dad and Mom (Katey Sagal, TV’s Married with Children) move out! It’s either sink or swim for clueless Elliot (Ryan Hanson, TV’s Party Down) and Quinn (Skylar Stone, Van Wilder), who find themselves home alone for the first time with no one to pay the bills.

Actually, the sons are more like 30something, but that just makes it all the funnier. It’s hilarious and insightful when grown men are like children who cannot take care of themselves, because it’s the perfect metaphor for the current state of American society. See: Housebroken is deep.
Funniest review ever, from DVD Verdict:

Housebroken is a brutally dreadful film.

Barring extreme circumstances such as personal bankruptcy or blackmail, all of the actors involved should be embarrassed for having agreed to appear in this film. The writers, directors, and producers should also be ashamed.

I’m ashamed just thinking about its existence.

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Tue, Mar 30, 2010 1:41pm

This begs the question: Who *is* blackmailing Danny DeVito, and for what? I think speculating on that would be millions of times more entertaining than watching this movie.

Tue, Mar 30, 2010 11:38pm

I’m looking at this on a laptop screen, so I don’t have great resolution, but the two kids on the couch look simian to me. At first I assumed the movie would be about a genetic scientist who was saddled with an experiment gone wrong — teenagers crossed with monkeys, or something.

Hmm – that might have a more interesting movie than this promises (threatens?) to be.