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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “creeper in my apartment”

Holy. Shit.

Like Paranormal Activity. But real. Or maybe not.

(via Boing Boing)

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  • It looks fake.

    You notice how one alcove (over the kitchen) is completely stacked with books, but the other alcove is nearly junk-free?

  • mortadella

    Yeah, fake. The “creeper” chick has to sneak into this guys place to take a leak in his sink? Why not do that in the alcove, or in the hallway. Ok, sorry, I’m laughing as I’m typing this. Also, when that dude went to get some milk in the middle of the night, he didn’t scratch himself once, and that’s because he’s ACTING!

  • Anne-Kari

    Oh no, mortadella, he certainly did scratch himself. ON THE EAR. Cuz in movieland, the sleepy person always scratches their ear (unless it’s a Judd Apatow movie). Then they walk nonchalantly past the camera.

    But really, it’s not a bad little video. Scary idea.

    However: According to his YouTube page, the guy who posted this insists that it’s 100% real and he called the police etc etc.

    Then again: The YouTube page also states that he is an actor, and goes on to list about 4 links to contact him regarding professional work.

    Yeah. I’m calling bullshit. Moderately inspired bullshit, but bullshit nonetheless.

  • Muzz

    So he’s got junior Sadako living in his crawl space. Who doesn’t?

    Anyway, the debunker makes a good point about media disinterest. They’d be all over this in a month, not 3. Still, they reckon you can see her while he’s setting up the camera. I don’t see that at all.
    Admittedly I haven’t blown it up or anything, but the flicker of movement up there at one point could easily be shadows from him.

    Cool vid one way or the other.

  • LaSargenta

    Damn! I thought this was going to be YOUR apartment!

  • Victor Plenty

    Muzz, you may simply need to watch it on a better monitor. (I speak from some experience here, having very recently upgraded from an old CRT monitor to a new HD monitor. I had no idea how much of the content and detail in photos and videos I was missing on that old, faded monitor.)

    The motion in the alcove while he is setting up the camera is definitely NOT shadows from him.

    Of course, this doesn’t prove the whole thing was fake. It’s still possible that the unwelcome visitor was watching him set up the camera, and yet was somehow unaware that it WAS a camera capable of recording in the dark. Not very plausible, perhaps. But possible.

  • Nathan

    Like Paranormal Activity, the video tries to do too much.

    If he had just kept to her crawling out of the darkness, pissing in the sink, and making off with some food, this might have been one of the all-time great internet vids.

    The intruder taking her time and watching TV and him obliviously walking through was pushing the idea too far.

  • gensing

    It had me going until he walked into the kitchen – but I really knew it was fake when he actually used a glass. Come on – he’d swig from the bottle in the middle of the night like he does in the morning. Just looked too contrived and self conscious.

    But it did remind me of Charles Manson creepy crawlies. I lived in LA during that era and remember a few months where things would disappear (like all the tea spoons) and then reappear a week later. I can’t tell you how freaky it was when I read in Helter Skelter about the Family members doing just that sort of thing.

  • CB

    That girl looks familiar. O_o

    Probably faked, but really, monitor schmonitor. There are tons of random artifacts in that video, like there are in any video uploaded to youtube. You don’t do forensic analysis from compressed images.

  • Muzz

    Victor: It’s getting a bit old now but I’ve got a big CRT designed for precise colour work. It seems to be still holding its focus, but you never know.
    I’m not sure which bit we’re talking about but any movement up in the corner at around 22 seconds I still can’t distinguish from crawling compression artifacts and stair stepping etc.
    Also the guy seems to have some competence. I’d think if they were going to fake this up that’s the one part they would certainly get right (although you never know with youtube hoaxes).

    I think like the above folks; the best indication this is fake is that his walk through is just too cute. I find him not noticing anything at all as he comes in (be it funny noises, urine smells etc) the hardest to take. She basically drops that bowl and runs away as he’s coming and misses him by a second. You don’t not notice that kind of thing unless this is some homeless ninja.

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