watch it: the 3/6/10 weekly address from President Barack Obama

“The people’s interest, and the people’s future”? What a crock. As long as for-profit insurance companies are allowed to continue doing business, this bullshit “reform” is in the insurance companies’ interest. Maybe it’s true that the bill on offer prohibits insurance companies from denying you coverage for a preexisting condition, or from dropping you when you get sick or injured. But no one has said anything about prohibiting those insurance companies from jacking your premiums or copays up in those instances.

I’ve yet to hear anyone explain how for-profit health insurance is compatible with humane, compassionate, and fair health care.

Imagine if the police refused to investigate a break-in of your house because the year before, you reported a mugging, unless you paid cash upfront for the investiagtion. Imagine if the school your children could attend was dependent upon whether your employer offered the right kind of education insurance. Imagine if the public library required a copay for you to take out a book.

But somehow people think all such nonsense is okay when it comes to a toothache, or a broken arm, or a diagnosis of cancer, or the birth of a baby.

How did we get so fucked up as a country?

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