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new ‘Doctor Who’ tonight

“The Time of Angels.” I know. I’m on top of it.

If you want to jump in to watching Doctor Who but you’ve never seen it before and you’re worried you’re be all confused and lost, check out io9’s “Everything You Need To Know About Doctor Who” (via reader Keith).

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  • Max

    You’re watching it right now, aren’t you?

  • MaryAnn

    Wish I could. Must wait for the largesse of the Internet to provide…

  • Les Carr

    Oh. My. Word. 10/10. Steven Moffat is a genius. I’ve seen all the trailers and spoilers and interviews and plot summaries and I was still surprised and delighted. It was amazing.

  • Martin

    Careful Les Carr, spoilers! ;)

    But yeah, definitely a good one.

  • Isobel

    I concur! Very relieved, too – wasn’t impressed by last week but it’s very much back on track. Phew!

  • Spoilers indeed – but I’m falling deeper in love with Doctor Who each week. And I NEVER dreamed that was possible in a post-Tennant era. And I mean it about the spoilers…

  • Martin

    Agreed Jo.

    And I’m really falling in love with Amy. She’s smart, brave and silly when she needs to be.

  • You’re not alone in your admiration for Amy, Martin. I’m actually enjoying watching it without crushing on the Doctor. I’m saving all my inappropriate feelings for the Gene Genie!

  • Alli

    I’m really bummed that I missed it. I normally watch a live stream of it, but I was out all afternoon. I can’t find a stream of it, so I have to be patient and wait few weeks to watch it. (I’m not a Torrent fan).

  • Mo

    Wow. I don’t think I’ve gotten the heebie jeebies off of a TV show like that ever. *shudders*

  • Kenny

    I know what you mean Mo, there was a real “oh SHIT!” moment or two right there.

  • Daniel

    Sadly, I think I’m going to have to wait for the legal television broadcast in this country, but I hear that David Tennant will be on PBS this Wednesday. Some play set in Denmark.

  • Max

    Found this link for all of us fans so we can be watched it as it’s being aired!! Or watch recently aired episodes. I run Google chrome specifically for this purpose.


    This proxy works on port 80.

  • Alli

    Thank you Max! Loved the episode.

  • Lisa

    Good episode bit of a flat cliff-hanger could have ended it 5 seconds before and it would have been better. I haven’t liked this series so far but it seems to have caught fire with this one

    Loved River, Pond, bizarre Skinner cameo, angels – it was class!

  • After the philosophical arguments that have been occurring on other threads, it did seem a bit surprising to see a certain surprise element appear in this one. And was this episode’s villain actually changing its m.o. from times past? Maybe that was just me.

    That said, I can’t rightly judge this week’s episode until I see what happens next week.

  • Isobel

    There’s a fair bit of Amy bashing going on on UK TV chatsites at the moment, which is beginning to get on my nerves. One poster referred to her as ‘immodest’ after her reaction to a particularly brilliant solution she thought up in this episode, which nearly made my head explode. Would anyone have referred to a male character as ‘immodest’?

  • Lisa

    ^ I’d been quite pleased with myself too!

  • @Lisa

    Look on the bright side – those of us watching on BBC1 had all the tension punctured by a stupid, bright orange ident for the next programme popping up right on top of the Doctor as he made that great speech about traps.
    I adore the BBC, but sometimes it really shoots itself in the foot. There has been something of a hoo-hah about this…

  • Lisa

    ^ yeah I couldn’t figure that one out myself – was I too engrossed in the episode to notice? But they only showed it in England. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland were cartoon Graham Norton free.

    I’m not sure if it’s Karen bashing or Amy bashing. I find that it’s too early to tell if she’s a good actress.

  • Isobel

    Heh – my Sky+ went phooey and didn’t record it, so I ended up watching it on the BBC iPlayer, and no silly orange thing.

    Actually, those banner things are what I find incredibly irritating if I’m watching American TV and it’s really really not something we should be copying!

    Lisa, I’ve not seen so much Karen bashing – it’s mostly people whining about Amy being cocky and how very dare she talk to Churchill like that. . .etc. I think the accusation running underneath is that the character is somehow ‘unfeminine’, which is what is winding me up.

  • @lisa and isobel

    Yes, because god forbid that a girl should question the way men run the world! I’ve always (well, since he’s turned up on Confidential discussing the scripts) had a teensy crush on Stephen Moffat, but am in danger of it becoming a proper infatuation if he keeps this up.
    Amy’s a great companion and a fabulous role model – I can only hope my Who-loving daughter (5) grows up like her!

  • Max

    The 2nd time I watched, I was wondering why we had the opening scene with the dazed man in the field. He was drugged and had River’s lipstick on his face. That reminded me of when John Hart kissed Gwen! Is River a time agent?

  • Kenny

    Arrggg.. where’s the bloggery? :(

  • MaryAnn

    Coming momentarily…

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