question of the day: Do you miss TV theme songs?

It’s been happening for years: theme songs have been disappearing from TV shows. Now, Variety is reporting that the Emmys will no longer honor theme music, because there’s just not enough of it anymore:

The Academy announced Monday that the main title theme category would be eliminated effective next year, and replaced by the new “music composition for a non-fiction program” award.

“This change was made due to the decreasing number of traditional television main title theme music,” the org said.

Indeed, TV themes virtually disappeared in the late 1990s, as networks experimented with ways to keep viewers from flipping channels. Just as they squeezed out closing credits, played with start and stop times (like last week’s 9:28 p.m. scheduling of “Glee”) and worked to seamlessly blend from one show to the next, webheads also dramatically reduced opening credit segments — or got rid of them all together.

The outrage over the new arrangement of the Doctor Who theme suggests that viewers still do care about theme music. But no one asked our opinion on the matter of deleting theme music from TV shows in the first place.

Do you miss TV theme songs? What are some of your favorites, past and present? (Whitney Matheson at Pop Candy runs down some of her current faves… but she includes the new Doctor Who theme, so I don’t know how much we can trust her judgment.) If you have to pick an existing piece of music to become the theme for a show that doesn’t have one, what would you pick?

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