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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

question of the day: What can we do to make movies and TV more environmentally friendly?

Movie production (TV too) is going carbon-neutral, offsetting their pollution with carbon credits. Movie distribution is going carbon-neutral, turning to high-speed data transfers instead of shipping heavy film reels around the planet. Cinemas themselves are going carbon-neutral, turning to solar power and green construction material.

This one is accidental, but still: The Icelandic volcano ash cloud that is grounding air travel over Europe has forced Paramount Pictures to move the premiere of Iron Man 2, scheduled for next week, from London to Los Angeles, where most of the stars are located. The drop in air traffic for the past week has resulted in a small but measurable decline in carbon emissions.
What if we moved to, say, online premieres of films? Instead of fans lining up for hours to catch a glimpse of a couple of stars who have been flown in at huge carbon costs, perhaps those stars could sit in front of a web cam and take questions from their fans. Or premieres could be satellite-cast from L.A. (or wherever the appropriate stars are) to theaters around the country, where fans could glimpse the celebs and see the film, too.

What can we do to make movies and TV more environmentally friendly?

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  • Something really easy:

    You know in all those movies about the Iraq war, how they replicate the flaming spires of oil that Sadaam set on fire? Stop doing that!

  • nyjm

    I wonder if e-Readers like the Kindle and iPad could (some day) have a significant effect on forest preservation? – And egads the shipping emissions to be saved!

  • Don’t just watch premires at home; watch all your movies at home downloaded from the Net. You’re not using your car, you’re not forcing the theater to weather control a huge room that is 80% empty air (and since heat rises, in winter it’s even more of an energy hog), and you’re not encouraging the mass production and distribution of food you shouldn’t eat anyway.

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