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question of the weekend: When eating an Easter bunny, is it proper to start with the ears or with the feet?

When eating an Easter bunny, is it proper to start with the ears or with the feet? Also, aren’t hollow chocolate bunnies the biggest gyp ever?


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  • Althea

    Start with the feet. If you bite off the ears, he’s disfigured. Makes a problem when you only have the head left but what can you do?

    I actually like the hollow ones more. Makes him seem more real. Also you can break chunks off.

  • PillowCaseLaw

    Oh, the ears. Absolutely has to be the ears for me. And I do agree that hollow bunnies just feel like I’m not getting what I paid for. I paid for a sugar coma, and I want my coma now!

  • Rachel

    One thing I learned in childhood — one must start with the ears, when eating a chocolate bunny. My mother taught me this (she also taught me ‘how to drown a cookie’ — Mom’s humor could be a bit macabre). Anyhow, eat the ears first, and next step is to decapitate the sucker. ;-)

    As for hollow vs. solid, rip-off aside, I think it depends on the quality of the chocolate. I’d rather get a hollow bunny made from quality chocolate, rather than a solid crappy wabbit.

  • Isobel

    I remember a chocolate bunny my swiss stepmother got me when I was 7. It was far too lifelike (it was piebald milk and white chocolate) and I never was able to eat it. For the Lindt type chocolate bunnies, though, definitely ears first!

  • What? Nobody eats chocolate bugs for Easter? But they look so yummy. ;-)

  • Remy Michael

    I always go for the ears first because they so naturally fit into a jar of peanut butter.

    I agree with Rachel about the solid vs. hollow issue. I have had super awesome hollow bunnies (top notch chocolate) and really horrible solid bunnies (the tasteless, chalky kind – bleh). But chocolate quality being equal, solid bunny wins out every time.

  • nyjm

    Definitely the ears.

    I prefer solid bunnies because, yes, I feel a little ripped off by the hollow ones.

    I asked my wife why she prefers the hollow ones. For her, they’re less messy: all crumbs fall into the reservoir. (She’s talented.) – And besides, it always comes with Peter Rabbit storybook.

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