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silly ‘Doctor Who’ picture of the day

While I just sit here twiddling my thumbs waiting for “The Eleventh Hour,” a silly Doctor Who picture for us all to enjoy:

Reader Lisa sent this, with this note:

pretty cool, eh? Thought you might like this. Matt and Karen are currently on a UK tour and their first stop was Belfast on Monday morning.

The real question is, however: Is it bigger on the inside?

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  • Lisa
  • Isobel

    Just saw it and am not going to spoilerise, but I do like Matt Smith. The new music is rubbish though.

  • Dan

    Do you download MaryAnn? Tut, tut. I think you’ll really enjoy it. The only total disappointment was the frankly awful new opening titles and theme tune, but everything else was familiar RTD-ish fare, but with Moffat’s gift for proper plotting and creative flair. The extended trailer at the end was remarkable – hope BBCA get that.

  • jules

    Think the title sequence will grow on me.

    Thought Matt Smith was really good – I absolutely loved the montage sequence.

  • Lisa

    New theme tune is rubbish – trailer is really exciting!!

  • Der Bruno Stroszek

    Again, I won’t spoil, but Matt Smith is just king. He just is. That was fantastic.

  • jules

    One thing I might add:

    Although the opening credits and theme tune leave a lot to be desired, at least they did not plumb the depths of Sylvester McMcoy’s era – they were the worst!

  • Ryan H

    Not sure I’m a fan of the new opening music. It’s in-between the newer style and a bit retro and fails to commit to either. It sort of flails around and can’t decide what it wants to be. I like the opening graphics though.

    But Smith is off to a fantastic start. And the nod they did to Doctors past near the end was perfect.

    Can’t wait to hear your take MaryAnn.

  • Angelica

    I just came back from Wonder Con in San Francisco. They had an advance screening for “The Eleventh Hour” It was really really good. He’ll do as the new Doctor.

    I think the people behind Wonder Con totally under estimated the Doctor Who fandom. Had the screening in a small room and people were lining up 2 hours in advance. They had 2 screenings and as I was leaving I heard they were adding a 3rd one.

  • Isobel

    You’re right about the style confusion in the revised theme, Ryan. I really loved the Eccleston/Tennant music – it was dramatic and had that great pulse/rhythm and I got quite geekily excited about it whenever it came on. This new one has lost the rhythm and it’s ended up sounding quite twee, I think, and not very dramatic or exciting at all.

    I would like to know who wrote/heart it and thought ‘Oh, yes, this is great! Much better than the old one!’ because they’re an idiot.


    I think I decided I liked Matt Smith after the ‘man eats fish custard’ line. Boy done good.

  • Patrick

    That bus with the logo reminds me of the tour bus from “Buckaroo Banzai” for some reason, but with Doctor Who instead.

    MaryAnn, I’ve been reading your site for too long! ;)

  • Les Carr

    This was amazing – it felt as if I had never seen Doctor Who before! I was expecting “more” Doctor Who, but I got “new” Doctor Who. Fantastic.

  • NorthernStar

    No spoilers, just opinion –

    I liked the episode, although some parts of it felt Girl in the Fireplace familiar.

    Matt does a solid job. Nothing impressive, I should add, but there’s time for that.

    The budget cuts are visable but perhaps knowing there has been cuts makes them more noticable.

    But Ashes to Ashes had the better openner.

  • Lisa


    still don’t like the new theme tune

    ^ no spoilers

  • MaryAnn

    Thanks, everyone, for not spoiling. Please continue to not spoil.

    I’ll watch the episode tonight and have something posted on it ASAP afterward.

  • Left_Wing_Fox

    I’m not quite so down on the new theme as a lot of others seem to be, but I do agree it’s simply not as good as the prior version. Ah well, watching the show now. :)

  • Les Carr

    I *like* the new theme tune because it’s hugely different and sort of the same. I like it that Murray Gold is riffing around the same basic structure, but being more adventurous, and I suppose that must be the brief that SM gave him. Similarly, I like being wrong-footed by the new iconography – that Tardis logo is just not what I would have chosen. Am I perverse? Probably! I don’t want it to be predictable – or even to conform to my tastes. As long as it’s brilliant.

    All change!

  • No spoilers!

    I watched it last night, and I was really impressed!

    There are moments where Matt Smith sounds exactly like he’s doing his best David Tennant impression, and then he launches off in his own direction… it almost feels intentional.

  • Keith

    Wondering where MaryAnn’s post on the new Doctor Who is. Thinking she must have exploded in delight upon watching the episode. Which would be most understandable after giving us something like this after so little last year. Maybe she’s doing what some people I know have, which is watching it a few times to be sure of that they saw the first time.

  • Dave

    Like the intro graphics, seems like it eludes to The Doctor not having a smooth ride this season. The music is more forgettable then the previous version. Was really scared by the first scene before the Tardis landed but as soon as Matt started interacting with Amelia I was sold. A few truly great moments and I loved the resolution the Doctor came up with to solve the problem (boy this no spoiler thing is hard) All in all. He’s not Tennant but that’s OK he’s still the Doctor.

  • Ryan H

    I think it says a lot about MaryAnn’s fanbase that, absent an official post, enough people show up in the last Who related post and start talking about the latest episode anyways.

  • Les Carr

    Yep, Ryan H, you’ve got it there. I had forgotten the two drawn-out periods of waiting during a Dr WHo season: one for the next Doctor Who episode, and one for MAJ’s writeup!

  • Mo

    Ok, that is officially weird. There’s a Doctor Who bus parked right in the middle of one of my old tourist photos. (And how long has there been a ferris wheel there?) Man, I miss Belfast.

    ^Les Carr, I’ll second that. It’s how I found the site in the first place.

    As for the episode, I am a happy camper, almost to my surprise. I really wasn’t sure about him.

    But *spoilers!*

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