the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘My Fake Fiancé’

Be careful what wacky schemes you get yourself involved in, marriage-averse independent women: you’ll end up hitched anyway!

Cash-strapped duo Jennifer (Melissa Joan Hart) and Vince (Joey Lawrence) hatch the perfect plan – fake a relationship, engagement and quickie wedding. He will get the money to pay off a loan shark, and Jennifer will keep the house wares to fill her home after her moving van is stolen. Convincing their families they’re really in love proves challenging, however, these two unlikely partners begin to soften towards each other. Could love really be in the air?

This debuted on the cable network ABC Family, which means it’s supposed to be sweet, cute, harmless, just plain fun for the whole gang. And of course it is… if you want to reinforce gender stereotypes and materialistic consumerism.

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