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the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘Robin Hood: The Truth Behind Hollywood’s Most Filmed Legend’

Sshhhh! Don’t tell anyone that’s not Russell Crowe peeking out from behind the hood. They’re hoping you’ll think it is. They really are:

Robin Hood is probably the most legendary and well known character in the world. His exploits have been seen across the world in books, films, TV shows and even computer games. But what is the truth about this enigmatic man? Russell Crowe plays the fictional movie character expertly but the REAL Robin Hood is far more exciting than any fantastical Hollywood Film.

I bet the guy playing Robin Hood in the historical reenactments here isn’t, in fact, more exciting than Russell Crowe. I don’t say that to be mean or anything, but come on…

In this film, best-selling author and award-winning filmmaker Philip Gardiner goes on an amazing journey into the heart of the timeless tale of the Hooded Man. He travels back thousands of years and unlocks the mystery and the myth. This film was shot on location in Sherwood Forest, England which is the very same place that Robin Hood and his band are said to have called their headquarters. Gardiner is joined by a cast of real life outlaws including the present day Robin Hood and Maid Marion. Featuring dramatic reconstructions and amazing Special Features with beautiful music, produced by James Earnshaw and musical group No Redemption, this film is a must see for all fans of real life adventure and fantasy.

The “present day Robin Hood and Maid Marion”? Umm, what?

Reality Films – reality is what you make it

Hmmm. Methinks a few someones misunderstand what reality is…

Oh, my: there’s a trailer:

It looks like it was shot at a Renaissance Festival, and that it hopes you’ll think not only of Russell Crowe but of The Lord of the Rings, too.

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  • Not only am I thinking “Lord of the Rings”, I’m thinking “They completely ripped off Galadriel’s narration from the opening of Fellowship”.

    I read a fascinating article about the guys who make movies like this, designed to sit next to the real ones at Blockbuster so people grab them by accident. Apparently it’s a thriving business! I’ll post the link if I can find it.

  • CB

    Hey, it could be worse. At least when you accidentally grab the look-alike movie, you at least get a movie that’s vaguely about the same thing as the movie you wanted.

    If it was like internet typosquatters, you’d grab a movie thinking it was Russel Crowe’s Robin Hood and end up with Bolivian midget porn.

  • Matthew

    I’m not going to give them the benefit of a hyperlink for googlebots to follow, but if you copy and paste:


    Into your browser, you can see the wonder of their other films. There’s a relatively harmless “the reality behind Sherlock Holmes” cash-in but the rest is UFOs, Secret Societies, 2012 and 9/11 “Truth”.

    There seems to be a running theme of ancient wisdom being crowded out by the modern world in their books section as well, which probably explains why they nicked the “Saxons vs Normans” idea from Robin of Sherwood. I love the way the narration goes on about “New rulers”. Even if you date Robin Hood as early as the third crusade, that’s still over 120 years after the Norman conquest.

  • Muzz

    This sort of thing makes me wonder if Discovery and the History Channel saved the historical documentary or ruined it forever.
    Every time some new historical film is made now there’s a slew of these really cheesy documentaries filled with awful re-enactments and reading out wikipedia. Or worse, giving you “the untold story” of some Fortean Times bollox.
    Sorting the wheat from the chaff is a chore these days (although trailers like that help a lot).
    I’ll bet there’s nothing in this one that wasn’t covered much better by Terry Jones or Tony Robinson years ago.

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