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was there no ‘Lost’ last night?

Weird. I just assumed my DVR had recorded an episode last night and it had been driving me nuts all day that I simply had too much else going on today to get to it. And I suffered a strange sort of displacement when I sat down just now to finally watch it and jot down my snarky little notes and could find it nowhere on the DVR.

My first thought was, Crap, did the cable box screw up again? (Yesterday when I turned on the TV, it suddenly told me that my TV did not support HDMI and to please use another type of connector. I had to reboot the DVR/cable box to get it to recognize my TV, as it had been doing perfectly well for the past two years or so.)

But no: According to the IMDB and ABC.com, there simply was no Lost last night.

I wish I cared more than I have to wait another week to find out what’s going on. But instead I’m just relieved that it’s something I can cross off my to-do list without actually having to-do it.

That’s just sad. And still, I’m hopeful that something in the last few episodes to come will excite me again.

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