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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “Husky Dog Talking – ‘I love you’”

We had a cat-themed trailer today, so the Friday night cute is canine in nature:

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  • G

    The Cute is Brung, from your neck of the country.
    3 lion cubs frolicking at the Bronx Zoo

  • Chris

    We have a Husky, and the noises they make are NUTS. It’s called “wooing” and it is absolutely hilarious.

  • Isobel

    I love howly talky dogs. Our border collies used to howl talk when we came home. Kess used to howl properly when the fire alarm went off (we lived on an island too small for a standing fire service and so an air raid siren was used when someone called in a fire so the volunteer service could gather up) – it set all the island dogs off and Kess looked so cute when he howled with his white muzzle and shiny button nose. He’d only howl if he thought no-one was looking, though, which was even cuter.

    I miss having a dog :(

  • Translation:
    “I wanna a milkbone!”
    “Haruumph. Silly bipeds keep blabbing the same thing over and over. What part of MILKBONE do they not get?”

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