damn those high-society film critics, anyway

Does everyone entertain such misconceptions about film critics as Jamie Dexter at TheLeafChronicle.com? His defense of the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street is headlined:

Don’t heed the high-paid critics, ‘Nightmare’ is terrifyingly good

And then it goes on:

If it’s a remake or a horror film, critics are going to hate it.

And by critics, I mean the high-paid guys/gals who get to see films with the rest of high-society and aren’t experiencing the joy of real people reacting to a film.

This explains so much: I am high society and not a real person. I feel real, but that must be an illusion. And now I understand why there’s always cucumber sandwiches at press screenings. That never made any sense to me before. I’ve always politely taken a linen napkin to rest across my lap during the movie, but I’ve never had the nerve to ask about the finger bowls. My bad.

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