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question of the weekend: Caffeine: gift of the gods, or scourge?

As I was drinking my morning cuppa just now in order to wake up enough to get myself to a screening of Shrek Forever After, an article on AlterNet greeted me with this headline:

Why Caffeine Is the Perfect Addiction for a Worker Bee Society

Cue alarming statistics about how much caffeine there is in energy drinks — the kids love ’em! — how little caffeine one must consume before bad things start to happen to your body, lots of scary terms such as “psychoacive substance,” and analogies like this:

The other prong is ritual: an almost spiritual aura attached to acquiring, preparing and consuming the substance, whether it’s stirring in Sweet’N Low or tying off veins.

likening the consumption of coffee to the injection of hard drugs.

And yet I’m still looking forward to all the iced coffees I’m going to ingest this summer.

So: Caffeine: gift of the gods, or scourge?

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