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question of the weekend: How are you celebrating May 1?

Perhaps you’re hanging out at your local geek hot spot for Free Comic Book Day. Could be you’re dancing around a maypole to honor May Day. Maybe you’re marching to commemorate International Workers’ Day. You might be lighting a bonfire to celebrate Beltaine. You might be keeping one of the other numerous special days that occur on this day

How are you celebrating May 1?

(If you have a suggestion for a QOTD/QOTW, feel free to email me. Responses to this QOTW sent by email will be ignored; please post your responses here.)

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  • I would recommend Jonathan Coulton’s Suggestion:

    It’s the First of May
    First of May
    Outdoor fucking starts today
    So bring your favorite lady
    Or at least your favorite lay
    Water’s not cold, baby, dip in your big toe
    Maybe I’ll see you in flagrante delicto
    Grass below you, sky above
    Celebrate spring with a crazy little thing called
    Fucking outside

  • gensing

    Watching the parade for International Workers Day – here in Italy, everything else is closed today.

  • fett101

    Celebrating May 1st by trying not to get blown away by tornados or drown in flood water.

  • doa766

    worker’s day here in Argentina, everything’s closed, even the damn sushi delivery place

    I’ll spend the day watching the second season of the big bang theory, later I’ll finish my second playthrough of Heavy Rain to see what ending I get this time and at night I’ll watch the Avatar blu ray

    BTW, just noticed on the right column that you’ve seen The Secret in Their Eyes, will you be posting a review?

  • The only thing special I had planned for the first day of May was re-watching the 2002 horror flick May. I suppose I could go ahead and change out my air conditioning filter as well but that doesn’t really scream “holiday celebration” to me…

  • JoshDM

    I’m waiting 3 more days till the true holiday. Does anyone know what day that is (it’s not Cinco de Mayo…).

  • bats :[

    Star Wars Day, JoshDM?
    Watching the Slog for the Roses here.

  • Does anyone know what day that is (it’s not Cinco de Mayo…).

    Cuatro de Mayo?;-)

  • Does anyone know what day that is (it’s not Cinco de Mayo…).

    The anniversary of the birth of the May Fourth Movement, which eventually led to Chinese Communism?

    It’s also National Weather Observers’ Day.

    …And, of course, National Teachers’ Day.

    Which one are you celebrating, JoshDM? Why not all three (or all four, including Star Wars Day): Send a postcard to your favorite teacher, grab your iPod with some John Williams tunes on it, and settle into your lounge chair for a day of cloud-watching while occasionally browsing through your copy of the Little Red Book… ;-)

  • I am programming a little java program to show a Sierpinski Triangle.

  • Brian

    I spent it moving into a new house, actually (well, new to me) . . . so I guess you could say I was celebrating the “American Dream” of home ownership. Missed the Derby and the workers and the comic books and everything.

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