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watch it: “josh holloway audition tape”

Lost may be over, but it will never be over. Just look at this: io9 dug up the audition tapes for many of the actors who ended up in the main cast. I feature Josh Holloway here because he’s the cast member I’d most like to fuck:

But you can also watch audition performances by Matthew Fox auditioning for Sawyer, Dominic Monaghan (for Sawyer), Jorge Garcia (for Sawyer), Evangeline Lilly (for Kate), Naveen Andrews (for Sayid), Daniel Dae Kim (for Jin), Yunjin Kim Kim (for Kate), Emile de Ravin (for Claire), Harold Perrineau (for Michael), Malcolm David Kelley (for Walt), Maggie Grace (for Shannon), Ian Somerhalder (for Boone), and Michael Emerson (for Hurley).

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  • Irishlass

    I appreciate the links to the “Lost” audition tapes. They were great! But your use of the word “fuc@” in relation to Josh Holloway, was not so great. I would think a bright, well-spoken woman like you could find a better choice of words. Keep up the great work with your blog, MaryAnn, but I think you could show a little more respect to the actors you are covering (and your readers)!

  • Jerry C.

    Anybody ever notice sometime during the series, he got a new set of choppers? Sayid and Charlie also got tooth improvements at some point, but not the overhaul that Sawyer got. One good thing about Jack, he had the same gnarly teeth at the end that he had at the beginning.

  • Lisa

    I used to think Holloway was such a bad actor – he just did the Sawyer Glower. Round about the time his character fell for Juliet, I started to notice what a really good actor he is. I hope he gets to do stuff that lets him build on that.

    I’d not fuck him tho, he’s gorgeous but I do not like his hair.

  • Lisa

    I’d do Jin though he’s an Adonis!

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