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‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: Steven Moffat is a teasy bastard

Doctor Who honcho and god-in-charge Steven Moffat talks to Digital Spy, wherein he is mean and horrible and tries to make us all feel really really bad about the Doctor and life and the universe and everything. Choice excerpts (which may include spoilers for those not caught up to “The Pandorica Opens”):

Episode twelve ended with an almighty trio of cliffhangers. Can you tell us anything at all about episode 13?
“Well, there’s going to be some light music and a short note of apology saying, ‘The universe ended last week, we’re really sorry, we don’t know what you’re doing here, didn’t you get the message?'”

Does the series wrap things up with a neat resolve in time for the Christmas special?
“Well we blew up the universe, so it’ll be a nice flashback episode at Christmas.”

Will there be any kind of trailer for the Christmas special after the episode?
“After the 50 minutes of gentle music and weeping apology? Nope. The universe has ended.”

And you definitely can’t tell us anything about episode 13?
“The universe has ended, mate, he’s dead. The Doctor is in the Pandorica, there’s this little voice saying: ‘Hello, that was a big bang wasn’t it? Oh, something happened out there?'”

Thanks for your time, Steven.
“I hope you enjoy it, it’s the maddest thing you’ll ever see.”


Is it Saturday yet? No, wait: I don’t wait it to be Saturday yet, cuz that will mean we won’t have any new Doctor Who till Christmas.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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