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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “Every Jelly Baby Scene – Doctor Who”

One of these years, I’m going to assemble an “every ‘Doctor? Doctor who?’ scene” clip fest, and an “every ‘reverse the polarity of the neutron flow’ scene” clip fest.

Jelly babies are one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever tasted. *bleech*

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  • “DISGUSTING”?! I am shocked! Shocked and appalled! Delicious little things. Grew up on them and still can’t get enough. It’s a good thing I don’t live in England anymore, or else I’d be fat, with a mouth full of decaying teeth. I suppose there might be multiple brands of Jelly Babies, so maybe you had one of the off ones. I seem to recall there being one that was less than enjoyable.

  • Dan

    Jelly Babies are okay – well, a few – but they can get very sickly very quickly. A new slogan for them, perhaps? You should gorge on chocolate next time you’re in England. I was frankly appaled by the low quality of choc in America when I was there.

  • Mo

    Jelly babies are one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever tasted. *bleech*

    Really? Like, really really? …

    I finally had my first jelly babies recently when a local British grocery store started importing them. I nearly went through the whole bag in one sitting. And they’re expensive. They’re one of my favorite candies I’ve ever had. It’s the texture, I think.

  • I’m with MaryAnn – they’re vile wee beasties and I’ll not eat them!!! I first encountered them during a bout of jet-lag insomnia. Two in the morning and my roommate and I are wandering around a Bloomsbury shop grabbing random interesting candy. Most of it was LOTR themed, but I think the Jelly Babies were just Jelly Babies. I was so looking forward to biting their heads off, but one gnash into the first one put me off JBs forever and ever.

    But Dan’s right about the chocolate. Run of the mill everyday chocolate is way better in Britain than it is here (with the tragic exception of the Doctor Who advent calendar I picked up in ’08. That was nasty!). Also, there’s a wider variety of candy bars available at the store. Here it seems we’ve winnowed acceptable candy bars down to a maximum of 6, with at least half of those now using “mockolate”, which replaces tasty, canonically chocolate fats with hydrogenated oils. Disgusting!

  • Orangutan

    Question. How do Jelly Babies relate to Gummi Bears? Are they similar consistency?

  • the rook

    in at least a few of those scenes, what were being called jelly babies were merely Liquorice allsorts http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liquorice_allsorts

    i has jellie babies once. they ‘re basically the same as gummi bears, swedish fish, and other types of gummi candies.

  • Mo

    They’re not much like gummy bears at all beyond size and being vaguely fruit-flavored (different flavors, though).

    Gummy bears are uniformly very chewy, while jelly babies are very powdery (corn starch, I think) and kind of crunchy on the outside, and are much softer and more jelly-like than gummy bears on the inside. I’m not really sure what to compare them to- I’ve never come across anything else quite like them. They’re sort of closer to Turkish Delight than gummy bears/worms/ect.

  • Mo

    Oh, the ones I’ve had are the Bassett’s ones. I’ve been told that the other brands can be quite different (and not as good).

  • aquila6

    I wish I could offer my jelly babies to Romana… :-P

  • knitkat

    i think there are some jelly baby ones missing… I remember one that isn’t on there with doctor #4 but this was brilliant :) I don’t mind jelly babies but the texture is a bit different .

  • Steven Rodney

    I thought I might add this Dr Who video for interest.

    Every Doctor Who Story 1963-2008.

  • Erik

    First time I had any jelly babies they were stale and pretty unpleasant. I mostly wrote this up to them old and tired after their trip from England to California, apparently via rowboat. I tried some again recently and they were absolutely fantastic. But I will admit that I have an overactive sweet tooth.

    Oh, and how sad am I that I knew almost every episode each of those scenes was taken from?

  • JoshDM

    After watching just a bit of that video, I’m reminded why I don’t care for Doctor Who.

    The pacing. Or rather, lack thereof.

  • Tammy

    I recognized several bits and pieces from this video. :-) Surely there were more, though?

    I don’t remember if I’ve tried Jelly Babies, or, at least, I don’t think I have since discovering the Doctor. I might have tried them when we went to England on vacation when I was a kid, but that was mumbledy-five years ago. I think there’s a place close by that carries them, though — maybe I’ll check it out.

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