watch it: “Ignore Stephen Baldwin – Restore Joss Whedon”

What? Surely you cannot mean that you have not heard of the righteous effort to restore Stephen Baldwin to his proper place in Creation… and simultaneously bring some much-needed public glory to God? You see, Baldwin has been forsaken by the wicked, wicked world — and by the godless heathens of Hollywood — since be became a born-again Christian, and now he’s a modern-day Job who needs your money:

Seriously: it makes Baby Jesus sad if you don’t give money to Stephen Baldwin. Jesus would give him money himself, except he’s totally tapped at the moment between his student loans and the damn car insurance, but he expecting a check at the end of the week, and once that clears, he’s all over restoring Stephen Baldwin.

In the meantime, you can donate to Stephen Baldwin via The All That Know Him Movement, which will also answer all your questions about why Baldwin is just like Job.

(via Pharyngula, the awesome blog of the awesome PZ Myers)

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