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question of the day: Are holidays a good time to go to the movies?

It’s a weird sort of day in the United States today. It’s a Monday, but as a federal holiday, it’s still part of the weekend… and it still feels like the weekend, like we got an extra Sunday or something. (It’s really, really quiet in my neighborhood this morning.) But the Fourth of July holiday being officially observed today — such as in the closing of banks, the stock market, the post office, etc. — was actually yesterday. So whatever celebrating was to be done — barbecues, beach parties, fireworks, and so on — was done yesterday. So today is totally a free day, maybe a good day to go to the movies, some people might figure. For sure, the weather is disgustingly hot across most of the eastern two-thirds of the U.S. today, so a trip to an air-conditioned multiplex sounds like a good idea, even if what’s on is crap.

But if today were actually the Fourth of July, it’s hard to imagine that many people would head out to the movies.

Are holidays a good time to go to the movies? Not just this weekend but in general. Would you prefer to spend time with family and friends outside a theater, or inside? I was stunned to discover, this past Decemeber, that multiplexes in the U.K. are closed on Christmas Day — that’s a big day for going to the movies in North America.

What do you think?

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