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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

question of the day: Do you sit through the credits at the multiplex?

Today’s question was prompted by a post at the Portland Mercury’s Blogtown entitled “Thoughts from a Local Movie Theater Clerk: A Public Service Announcement” in which a movie theater clerk “just wanted to let the public know what the staff of your local theater are really thinking about you.” Apparently, one of her peeves includes:

People who stay for the entire credits: Unless you just witnessed a documentary on the Holocaust or Darfur, there is no need to “take it all in.”

Her attitude really has me steamed. I don’t always sit through all the credits, but the idea that the movie theater employees are mad if I do is outrageous. The credits are part of the movie, and it’s ridiculous to expect audiences to leave before the movie is over, even if some members of the audience choose to. I actually complained to a theater manager once that they had turned on the lights just as the credits began to roll for a film, which meant that anyone who wanted to stay for the credits couldn’t read them. He responded that this was a safety issue that IMAX dictated — this was an IMAX film — so that people could leave safely. If that’s true, it’s even more outrageous.

Do you sit through the credits at the multiplex? Never? Sometimes, like if you know or suspect there might be an easter-egg scene after? Do you ever get the evil eye from multiplex employees for doing so?

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