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question of the day: What bloggers can or should make the jump to TV, and what would their shows look like?

Are you familiar with the blog Bad Astronomy? It’s where, in part, astronomer Phil Plait dissects how TV and film get the science wrong in their science fiction, and even sometimes in their science “fact,” as when he rips apart alien-abduction and moon-landing-hoax “documentaries.”

Now, as Web Newser reports (and as Plait himself posted the other day), Bad Astronomy is making the jump to television:

“Bad Universe” will air on Discovery this Fall, though a premiere date and time have not been settled on yet.

As is often the case with Discovery, the network has ordered a “three-pack” of episodes. This allows the network to test them out on-air and gauge viewer response. If the viewer interest is high and the program delivers solid ratings, the network will probably order additional episodes.

I’m sure the series will be highly amusing. Plait is an entertaining writer with a unique outlook on making science fun… or scary-fun, as his book Death from the Skies! [Amazon U.S.] [Amazon Canada] [Amazon U.K.] ably demonstrates. (It’s about all the horrific ways planet Earth could die, one of which will eventually have to happen.)

What bloggers can or should make the jump to TV, and what would their shows look like?

And don’t say “MaryAnn Johanson of FlickFilosopher.com,” you kiss-asses.

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  • jillian s

    Joe. My. God.


    The tv show would be like a gay Keith Olbermann but less silly.

  • JoshDM


    What Would Tyler Durden Do seems like a prime candidate for an E! news show like The Soup, but since there is so much nudity, probably Cinemax. Or FX after hours.

  • Left_Wing_Fox

    Plait’s blog-mates Carl Zimmer or Ed Yong could probably do very well in a David Suzuki “Nature of Things” style show.

    Hyperbole and Half probably deserves it’s own show as well.

    If we’re talking web-only properties in general though I can think of a lot of web-comics that could make great TV series: I would LOVE to see Girl Genius turned into a cartoon series for SyFy (Or better yet, Nickelodeon, Avatar style) and Questionable Content might make a watchable sitcom series.

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